Please note that I have permanently  gone off Facebook with effect from 16th July 2017, so please do not think I have blocked you.

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01-Dec-2019 | 13:10 Hours IST
Well, things have returned to normal, long back, and you can visit my FB-Profile@cavsmathur again!! My Personal Website and @vsmathurco can also be viewed now!

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I am a chartered accountant practising in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. You can email me at vsmathur(at)vsmathur(dot)onmicrosoft(dot)com or vsmathurco(at)vsmathur(dot(co(dot)in as well

2 replies on “Permanently Retired from Facebook w.e.f. 16 July 2017”

  1. In truth, I had not completely given up on Facebook until today. There was some unreasonable and illogical thought in my mind that they are just doing their job, keeping facebook safe. Okay, so there are two viewpoints here. 1) I am a percieved danger to the rest of the members, and 2) They have been biased against me for some reason I cannot fathom. Either way, there is no point participating in any forum where I am asked to identify myself to the FB System every time I log in to it. Why? I ask you? #Proud2BIndian!!


  2. The only observation that I would like to make about Facebook is this: Despite their best attempts to protect the normal (layman) users on their platform, the linkages to a particular cell number is quite pathetic, because if someone who has a mala fide intention wants to create a rock-solid profile, all they need to do is get hold of a cellphone and a prepaid number (so easily obtainable from practically any mobile service provider) and then register their profile with facebook. People like me who are famous for their multiple identities (created for ver bona fide purposes) have to face their wrath and identify themselves each time they login to their site! Ha Ha!! Well, I guess they must know what they are doing, Else how did they gain a total viewership of more than 5 Billion users worldwide, eh? Food for thought indeed ! FCAVM


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