@CAVSMathur Restricted Use of Facebook (20191207)

CA Vikram Shankar Mathur @vbacoder1962 Now this text (please read at leisure not right away) is what I posted at https://fb.me/vsmathurco (In context with restriction of access to https://fb.me/cavsmathur – currently my main profile) on December 6th, 2019 at approx. 17:30 Hours IST If I try to protect my father’s Facebook Account using my cell/email, […]

Are you willing to sponsor my developmental activities?

If you are willing to sponsor me for my developmental activities, which includes purchase of book(s) and software(s) that are required to keep the mind focussed on the long journey of development of any software, then you can use the following details to transfer whatever funds that you can spare towards my development fund. Of […]

Extracting Cell Phone Numbers from Random Strings of variable length?

The basic data was basically of the type shown in the following picture. Basic Data The interesting thing about cell numbers is that almost all of them are of 10 digits, at least in India. Hence, a very simple logic was used to achieve results, as shown below: Code Used The logic being to first […]

Who is vbacoder1962?

VBCODER1962 CA Vikram Shankar Mathur (aka VBA Coder 1962) These are just some ideas that I am sharing about what are the few things that I can think of to post on the blog: Basic information about the VBA Programming environment.Creating useful modules for general use.Creating OOP Class modules and how to use themSome examples […]